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Portrait Gallery

Michele Dillon Photography Portrait Gallery

At Michèle Dillon Photography, my clients come first. Choosing to work with us means your portraits are truly unique. If you need assistance, ideas, or a special service, just ask and we’ll be happy to help.

Portrait of woman in autumn lost in thought
Portrait of woman with shattered glass
Musician posing on toilet with guitar
Male model posing on starwell
young girl in dress walking in sunshine in park
Woman standing at pillar with flower arrangement
Mum and Daughter posing at graduation
headshot of female actor
Male model in designer clothes standing in dark warehouse
Corporate headshot of female CEO
Male in coat standing on grassy hill
Woman posing in bra with eyes obscured
Musician posing on sofa with bass guitar against a sky backdrop
Action photograph of professional Bellydancer Lorna Gow performing in Edinburgh
Family portrait of a new mother, father and baby boy hugging
Lead singer Charlie from band King of Birds posing in abandoned warehouse
headshot of female actor
Man in Freezer drinking a can of Irn Bru with Best Served Chilled Message
Water colour of young woman with hat
Young woman in peach and black floral dress staring at camera against a grey flower backdrop
Young woman in feather hat posing against a backdrop with butterflies
Man in witches costume casting a spell with a wand on magazine cover
Watercolour of young woman with flowers and butterflies in her hair looking away from camera
Young woman looking out at camera from multicoloured floral bush
Pregnant woman with floral hair crown posing in green woodland
Magazine cover of man in suit pulling his shirt to show Superman Tshirt
Red portrait of man in red outfit
Female model seated on steps with blonde hair holding her ponytail wearing black clothes
Girl in long floaty white dress falling gently into an opulent underground water tunnel
Baby with mohawk posing on pillow smiling
Portrait of actor Sanjeev Kholi standing in alleyway
Baby portrait close up of baby's face
Smiling baby on pillow holding mother's hand
Young woman in long white dress in garden of trees reaching for lit heart
Family portrait of mother and father with newborn baby son
PR poster for Megazone Falkirk of young girl and boy laser gaming
Happy yorkie poo in the park
Portrait of man in red costume juggling fire
Double exposure of young woman in garden
Female model posing in wardrobe surrounded by fake fur coats
Musician posing with angel wings
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